Meet the Artist

Heyooo! I'm Amanda Zindler—
The creator of CRY DYE 
I am a mother, wife, teacher,
mental health advocate and creator of many things. 
The designs and use of color in my brand is inspired by my children awell as my own creative being. I started CRY DYE in 2020, with the idea to make vibrant clothes for kids and adults with my drawings on them, and the drive I have for that just hasn't changed. 

Characters and screenprint designs are my own trademark creations

Artistic Background 

I’ve created art as long as I can remember. It’s sparked my interest since I was a child. Especially portraits, fan art and detalistic line drawing but now days I do a lot of abstract work. It’s not as stressing as striving to make “perfect” art as I’ve done for many years. It’s more fun and creative to me, as is the dying process. The possibility’s are endless. You can see a couple of my artworks below👇 

I am self taught in screenprinting. It was probably the most artistic challenge I’ve given myself and it has been thus rewarding. I am always learning in this category. I learned in the summer of 2020 - the same time I was learning to dye clothes. Simultaneously juggling with PPD.
Art has saved my life many times. I use these skills for to potentially lift the spirits of myself and others in a form of colorful and vibrant wearable art. My heart is just bursting with creativity. I hope you enjoy and thank you for being here in this world.

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